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Let CometArcade fans speak!

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Received in 7 days to the UK - great speed considering everything going on. Love this console though, can't go wrong with 400 games would cost a heck of a lot more if I were to buy them individually. Having some difficulty plugging into my TV but I've emailed the team for more assistance. Cheers!

Mini gamer

This is a really cool toy! Can't believe how many games it can hold! It brings back memories! I ordered 2, One has crashed a few times so it may need to be returned, but for the money they're really good! Let's hope they last as they're so much fun!

Kids loving this present, can’t put it down. Showing them games we use to play. Great for all family to enjoy together


Fantastic purchase! Works really well, seems good quality, fantastic selection of games. My two boys are going to love them!

CometArcade® | MiniPad | 400 Games Built-In

Thanks I ordered 2 of them for Christmas

Got this in time for Christmas. Got to say i'm really liking the second controller! Thanks a lot.

Great product, really enjoying it. THANKS!

What can you say....400+ classic games in a cool-looking package. Highly recommend this!

Bought this to entice my youngest from his phone occasionally and to use when on long drives. It was easy to set up and very good value for money. Love that you can connect to your TV also!

8 year old with a love of Mario, etc. But no way was I buying him an expensive games console so this was the compromise!! He was thrilled. The graphics are basic but I didn't expect any more (to be honest it's just as I rememered) it is a fun little gift and I didn't think the price was bad at all. Quick shipping, even in these times! Thank you.

Takes me back. Great little thing, ordered 2 for me and my kid.

It was a bit more difficult to use than I thought at first, probably because I play xbox more than anything. Though after playing it on the TV I had a blast. Another 380 games to get through.

Very fast delivery, about 6 days to the UK.

Excellent. Worth it for the money. Lots of old favorites to play and plenty of versions that were only released in Japan.

Much better than I thought.
Bought it as an add on present to bulk up the amount my son got for his birthday but it ended up being one of those things he doesn’t put down, glad I got a second remote also

Love this wee piece of kit. Great bit of nostalgia. Bought this a gift for a friend but couldn't refuse a wee shot. Great fun and took me right back. Well made and at a good price too.

Unfortunately my mini pad was broken in the post - issued for a replacement and they sent another out. Cheers.

Bought for my husband and he loves it. Just a shame there is control list on some games so it's a guessing game to start

Fantastic i'm really liking this. Donkey Kong! you can't beat it, literally.

Bought for my nephews 14th birthday. Great selection of games and he loves the thing. Can plug into the tv. Really goof price for what you get.

Brother wanted a Gameboy but I bought him this and he was very satisfied! Arrived just in time. Works well. Loving the selection of games.

That's another christmas present in the bag, good value for money. Great for retro parents!

Battery holds it charge for a long time. Fast delivery and adequate quality for money spent. Reminds me of the good old arcade games.

So many decent games including Robocop and Mario
Great for the price